CAR UMBRELLA: The Ultimate Protection for Your Aston Martin DB11

CAR UMBRELLA: The Ultimate Protection for Your Aston Martin DB11

CAR UMBRELLA: The Ultimate Protection for Your Aston Martin DB11

Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety and maintenance of your Aston Martin DB11? Look no further, because the CAR UMBRELLA is here to provide the ultimate protection for your prized possession.

Key Features

Dual Layer Storm Shield

The CAR UMBRELLA features a dual layer storm shield that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Whether it’s heavy rain, snow, or strong winds, your car will be fully protected.

Water Proof

Never worry about water damage again. The CAR UMBRELLA is completely water proof, ensuring that your car stays dry and pristine at all times.

Scratch Less

With its soft and smooth inner lining, the CAR UMBRELLA prevents any scratches or abrasions to your car’s exterior, keeping it looking brand new.

Dust Proof

Say goodbye to constantly cleaning off dust and dirt. The CAR UMBRELLA effectively keeps dust and debris away from your car, maintaining its cleanliness.

Heat Proof

Protect your car from the scorching sun and high temperatures with the heat proof feature of the CAR UMBRELLA. Your car’s interior will stay cool and undamaged.

UV Protected

The CAR UMBRELLA provides UV protection, preventing any fading or damage to your car’s paint and interior due to sun exposure.

Perfect Fitting

Designed specifically for the Aston Martin DB11, the CAR UMBRELLA offers a perfect fitting cover that hugs every curve of your car, ensuring maximum protection.

1 Year Warranty

For added peace of mind, the CAR UMBRELLA comes with a 1 year warranty, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CAR UMBRELLA easy to install?

Yes, the CAR UMBRELLA is designed for easy and quick installation, so you can protect your car in no time.

Can the CAR UMBRELLA be used for other car models?

While it is specifically designed for the Aston Martin DB11, the CAR UMBRELLA may fit other similar-sized cars as well.

How do I clean the CAR UMBRELLA?

The CAR UMBRELLA can be easily cleaned with a gentle wash and air drying, ensuring that it remains in top condition for long-term use.


Don’t let the elements take a toll on your Aston Martin DB11. Invest in the CAR UMBRELLA and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is fully protected. With its dual layer storm shield, water proof, scratch less, dust proof, heat proof, and UV protected features, along with a perfect fitting design and 1 year warranty, the CAR UMBRELLA is the ultimate solution for keeping your car in pristine condition.

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