Charlie Bears 2022 – Galileo | Plumo Teddy Bear

Charlie Bears 2022 – Galileo | Plumo Teddy Bear

Charlie Bears 2022 – Galileo | Plumo Teddy Bear

Introducing the limited edition Galileo Plumo Teddy Bear from Charlie Bears 2022 collection. This adorable teddy bear is a must-have for all teddy bear enthusiasts.

About Galileo

Galileo is a fully jointed teddy bear made from the finest quality mohair. Standing at 14 inches tall, he is the perfect size for cuddling and displaying. His fluffy fur and charming expression make him irresistibly cute.

Limited Edition

Galileo is a limited edition teddy bear, with only 1200 pieces available worldwide. Each bear comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, making him a truly special collectable.

Plumo Collection

Galileo belongs to the Plumo collection, which combines mohair and plush materials. This unique combination gives him a soft and luxurious feel, making him even more huggable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Galileo be posed in different positions?

Yes, Galileo is fully jointed, allowing you to pose him in various positions. You can make him sit, stand, or even give him a hug.

2. Is Galileo suitable for children?

Galileo is designed for collectors aged 14 and above. He is not recommended for young children due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

3. How should I care for Galileo?

To keep Galileo looking his best, gently brush his fur with a soft brush. Avoid exposing him to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. If he gets dirty, spot clean him with a mild detergent and let him air dry.


Charlie Bears 2022 – Galileo Plumo Teddy Bear is a limited edition collectable that will bring joy to any teddy bear lover. With his fluffy mohair and fully jointed body, he is perfect for cuddling and displaying. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this adorable bear to your collection.

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