G LAB India Muffle Furnace

G LAB India Muffle Furnace

G LAB India Muffle Furnace

Are you looking for a high-quality muffle furnace for your laboratory experiments? Look no further than the G LAB India Muffle Furnace. Our furnace is designed to meet the needs of engineering colleges, ITI students, polytechnic students, and scientific instrument enthusiasts.

Key Features

High-Quality Materials

The furnace chamber is made of imported lightweight, high-purity Al2O3 ceramic fiber materials. This ensures that there is no powder pull off under high temperatures, and the furnace has a small heat capacity, leading to energy savings of more than 50%.

Precise Temperature Control

The microcomputer PID control module enables precise temperature control and meets constant temperature requirements. The temperature control is programmable with 2 groups/16 segments, allowing for flexibility in experiments.

Over-Temperature Protection

The furnace is equipped with audible and visual over-temperature alarms, as well as automatic protection action to stop heating. This ensures the safety of the user and the furnace itself.


  • Furnace Size: 9x4x4 inches
  • Power: 2000W
  • Temperature Range: Up to 400°C to a maximum of 1150°C
  • Temperature Control: PID Dual display to view set & current temp
  • Special Type Thermocouple Fuses: Protects against overheating for safety
  • K Type Calibrated Sensor

Package Content

1 Muffle Furnace (9x4x4-inch) with user manual


What is the maximum temperature range of the furnace?

The furnace can reach a maximum temperature of 1150°C, making it suitable for a wide range of experiments.

Is the furnace suitable for use in engineering colleges?

Yes, the G LAB India Muffle Furnace is perfect for laboratory experiments in engineering colleges, ITI students, and polytechnic students.


The G LAB India Muffle Furnace is a high-quality, reliable furnace that meets the needs of laboratory experiments and scientific instruments. With its precise temperature control and safety features, it is the perfect choice for educational institutions and scientific enthusiasts.

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