HOMCOM Electric Space Heater: A Powerful and Safe Heating Solution

HOMCOM Electric Space Heater: A Powerful and Safe Heating Solution

HOMCOM Electric Space Heater: A Powerful and Safe Heating Solution

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep your home warm during the colder months? Look no further than the HOMCOM Electric Space Heater. With its advanced features and safety mechanisms, this portable fan heater is the perfect addition to any bedroom, home office, or living room.

Key Features

Ceramic Heater

The 2000W PTC ceramic heater provides high power to heat up in seconds, making it suitable for warming various spaces in the home such as bedrooms, basements, garages, and living rooms. The maximum square footage it can cover is 12-15 square feet.

Customizable Heating Modes

Freely customize the heating modes (1400W Low Heat/2000W High Heat) and temperatures with the remote control or top control panel. The LED screen makes it easy to read the temperature, mode, and timer.

60° Oscillation

This oscillating electric heater rotates from side to side, quickly and evenly heating the entire room with warm air while keeping the temperature constant.

Safety First

Efficiency and safety are top priorities for the HOMCOM Electric Space Heater. It comes with a 12-hour timer, overheat protection, and tip-over protection to keep your home safe at all times.

Energy Saving

The heating mode automatically adjusts to the room temperature, and the heater switches to auto screen off mode if it remains idle for 10 minutes. These energy-saving features are effective and won’t disrupt your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HOMCOM Electric Space Heater suitable for large rooms?

While it is designed for smaller to medium-sized rooms, the 2000W power and 60° oscillation make it effective in evenly heating larger spaces as well.

Can I leave the heater on overnight?

Yes, the heater is equipped with safety features such as overheat and tip-over protection, making it safe to use overnight.


The HOMCOM Electric Space Heater is a versatile and reliable heating solution for any home. With its powerful heating capabilities, customizable modes, and safety features, it provides both comfort and peace of mind. Say goodbye to chilly nights and welcome a warm and cozy atmosphere with the HOMCOM Electric Space Heater.

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