JOHOUSE Large Snow Pine Cones – Natural Christmas Decorations

JOHOUSE Large Snow Pine Cones – Natural Christmas Decorations

JOHOUSE Large Snow Pine Cones

Looking for a natural and rustic touch to add to your Christmas decorations? Look no further than JOHOUSE large snow pine cones. These big pinecones are perfect for crafting, decorating your Christmas tree, wreaths, ornaments, bowl fillers, and DIY crafts.


Natural and Authentic

Our pine cones are sourced from the finest pine trees, ensuring that they are natural and authentic. Each cone is unique in its shape and size, adding a touch of nature to your decor.

Large Size

These pine cones are larger than average, making them a standout feature in any decoration. Their size makes them perfect for creating a bold statement in wreaths and centerpieces.


Use these pine cones in a variety of ways – from adorning your Christmas tree to creating unique DIY crafts. The possibilities are endless!

DIY Ideas

Wreath Decor

Attach the pine cones to a wreath for a natural and festive look. Add some greenery and berries for a complete winter wonderland feel.


String a few pine cones together to create rustic ornaments for your tree. Add some glitter or paint for a personalized touch.

Bowl Fillers

Fill a decorative bowl with pine cones for a simple yet elegant centerpiece. Add some fairy lights for a magical effect.


Are these pine cones real?

Yes, these pine cones are 100% natural and sourced from pine trees.

How big are the pine cones?

Each pine cone varies in size, but on average, they are larger than traditional pine cones, making them perfect for decorations.

Can I paint these pine cones?

Absolutely! These pine cones are a blank canvas for your creativity. Paint them, add glitter, or leave them natural – the choice is yours.


JOHOUSE large snow pine cones are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. Their natural and versatile nature makes them a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or holiday decorator. Add a touch of rustic charm to your home this holiday season with these beautiful pine cones.

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