Nasik Dhol (S.S) 18 * 13.2 Silver

Nasik Dhol (S.S), 18 * 13.2, Silver

Nasik Dhol (S.S), 18 * 13.2, Silver

Are you looking for a unique and versatile musical instrument to enhance your regional music performances? Look no further than the Nasik Dhol (S.S), 18 * 13.2, Silver. This double-sided drum is designed to provide exceptional sound quality and is perfect for accompanying various music forms.

Material and Design

The Nasik Dhol features a sturdy steel body and a PVC sheet face, ensuring durability and longevity. The silver color adds a touch of elegance to the instrument, making it visually appealing. With a size of 47 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm, this dhol is compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for both professional musicians and beginners.

Package Contents

  • 1 Nasik dhol
  • 1 Spaner
  • 1 Pair Stick

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beginners play the Nasik Dhol?

Yes, the Nasik Dhol is suitable for both professional musicians and beginners. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it easy to learn and play.

2. Is the Nasik Dhol suitable for all music forms?

Yes, the Nasik Dhol is a versatile instrument that can accompany various regional music forms. Its exceptional sound quality and unique design make it a popular choice among musicians.

3. How can I maintain the Nasik Dhol?

To maintain the Nasik Dhol, regularly clean the drum with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture to ensure its longevity.


The Nasik Dhol (S.S), 18 * 13.2, Silver is a must-have instrument for musicians who want to add a unique touch to their regional music performances. With its high-quality materials, compact size, and exceptional sound quality, this dhol is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Get your Nasik Dhol today and elevate your musical performances to new heights!

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