Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent

Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent

The Ultimate Beach Companion: Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent

When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, having the right gear can make all the difference. The Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent is a game-changer for beach lovers, providing the perfect combination of style, functionality, and convenience.

Key Features


The Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent is beautifully designed in Southern California, reflecting the laid-back beach vibes. It features corner anchor bags that can be weighed down with sand or rocks, ensuring stability even on windy days.


The tent is made of high-quality Nylon/Lycra blend fabric, providing UPF 50+ protection to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. The patented reinforced corners and rust-proof aluminum poles ensure durability and longevity.

Light & Portable

Weighing only 2.95 kilograms and coming with a 49.5 cm shoulder carrying bag, the Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent is incredibly easy to carry. It fits in a carry-on suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion. Plus, it includes a cooler pocket for your drinks and snacks, adding to its convenience.

UPF 50+ Protection, Water Repellent

Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy one, the Neso Tent has you covered. With UPF 50+ protection and water-repellent fabric, you can enjoy your beach day without worrying about sunburn or getting wet.

Set Up Tips

Setting up the Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent is a breeze, taking only a couple of minutes. For detailed instructions and wind set up tips, you can visit, where you’ll also find helpful videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the tent easy to carry? – Yes, it weighs only 2.95 kilograms and comes with a shoulder carrying bag.
  • Does it provide sun protection? – Absolutely, the tent offers UPF 50+ protection.
  • Can it withstand windy conditions? – Yes, the reinforced corners and anchor bags ensure stability, even in windy weather.


The Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent is a must-have for anyone who loves spending time at the beach. Its stylish design, ease of use, and protective features make it the ultimate beach companion. Say goodbye to struggling with bulky, complicated beach tents, and say hello to the Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent.

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