Retractable Badge Holder with Belt Clip

Retractable Badge Holder with Belt Clip

Retractable Badge Holder with Belt Clip

Keep your ID secure and accessible with our heavy-duty retractable badge holder. With a 31.5″ retractable carabiner badge reel, it’s perfect for everyday use.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Belt clip for easy attachment
  • 31.5″ retractable carabiner badge reel
  • Black color

Convenience and Security

Our retractable badge holder offers both convenience and security. The heavy-duty design ensures that your ID stays in place, while the belt clip allows for easy attachment to your clothing or bag. The 31.5″ retractable carabiner badge reel provides ample length for scanning your ID without having to remove it from the holder.

Perfect for Everyday Use

Whether you’re at work, attending a conference, or simply running errands, our badge holder is perfect for everyday use. It’s durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, and the black color adds a professional touch to your appearance.

Q: Can the badge holder accommodate multiple cards?

A: Yes, the badge holder can accommodate multiple standard-sized cards.

Q: Is the retractable reel strong enough to hold a heavy ID badge?

A: Absolutely, the retractable reel is designed to securely hold heavy ID badges without slipping.

Q: Can the belt clip be attached to a thick belt or strap?

A: Yes, the belt clip is designed to accommodate various belt and strap widths.


Our retractable badge holder with belt clip is the perfect solution for keeping your ID secure and accessible. Its heavy-duty design, convenient belt clip, and 31.5″ retractable carabiner badge reel make it ideal for everyday use. Say goodbye to fumbling with your ID – try our badge holder today!

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