SoundQubedHDS206-D4 Car Audio Subwoofers

SoundQubedHDS206-D4 Car Audio Subwoofers

SoundQubedHDS206-D4 Car Audio Subwoofers

If you’re looking for high-performance at an affordable price point, the HDS206-D4 is the best subwoofer for car audio to add bass to your daily driver audio system. Available in 8, 10, and 12 inch options, HDS206 Series subwoofers are a no-brainer to elevate your listening experience without elevating your budget. Combined with the appropriate SoundQubed monoblock amplifier, the HDS206 series are the best subwoofers for car audio enthusiasts who are just getting started. The S1-1250 will power a pair of D4 subs wired to 1 ohm, and the S1-850 will power a single D2 wired to 1 ohm. HDS206 series subwoofers have 350W RMS power handling (1000W peak). The car subwoofer speaker voice coils are available with either dual 2 ohm, or dual 4 ohm impedance voice coils for multiple wiring configurations. The cast aluminum frames provide better heat sinking and increased excursion over stamped-steel baskets. An Extended Range of Motion (EROM) surround profile on our 6.5 inch car single subwoofer keeps your cone diameter as large as possible while allowing for long, controlled excursion. The EROM profile gives you more cone area, greater stiffness, and lower mass for more accurate coil signal response. The HDS206 best subwoofer for car has a non-pressed, fiber added cone for maximum rigidity and long life.


  • RMS Power: 350W
  • Peak Power: 1000W
  • Magnet Weight: 60 Oz
  • Coil Diameter: 2″
  • Coil Length: 28mm
  • Woofer Size: 6.5″
  • F(s): 45.39 Hz
  • Impedance: D2/ D4
  • Z(max): 33.81
  • Q(ms): 3.553
  • Q(es): 0.5515
  • Q(ts): 0.4774
  • V(as): 3.264 L
  • L(e): 1.498 mH
  • n(0): 0.05 %
  • M(ms): 93.7
  • C(ms): 0.131
  • Sensitivity 1W/ 1m: 79.32
  • BL: 14.84
  • Xmax: 9
  • Sd: 5.25″
  • Displacement: .04^ft鲁
  • Mounting Depth: 4.125″
  • Circle Cutout: 6.0625″

About Us

SoundQubed focuses on fostering confidence and technical knowledge to empower our customers to complete inspiring projects. SoundQubed is also developing educational initiatives.

HDS206-D4 Series Car Speakers Subwoofer

By adding a 6.5 inch subwoofer, listening truly becomes an experience! Add bass to your daily driver with the affordable Heavy Duty Street Series 6.5″ subwoofer car audio. The 60 oz magnet handles 350 watts of RMS power from your amplifier with dual rather than single subwoofer voice coils. This is a 6.5 subwoofer enthusiasts at all levels can appreciate.

Beat the Heat

Heat kills coils! Like any speaker, subwoofer voice coils collect heat, especially at higher power levels. The vented electroplated back plate lets heat escape smoothly with less turbulence in the coil gap. Designed to withstand temperatures over 350 degrees (F), the high-quality copper coil wire guarantees reliable long-term performance.

Dual Voice Coil

The HDS206-D4’s 2″ diameter, four-layer speaker subwoofer for car voice coils withstand high temperatures by incorporating high-quality wire and high-temperature adhesives. Having two coils allows for series or parallel wiring. With either 2 or 4 ohm impedance options, you can make your car speaker’s subwoofer 6.5 inch happy by wiring for the correct RMS power from your amp.

Built for Bass

With 60 oz of magnet, this is a small subwoofer for car motor! A cast aluminum frame supports a three-piece suspension and non-pressed fiber reinforced cone for maximum efficiency and lower tuning in a ported enclosure. The conical back plate allows for longer voice coil travel while the wide, tall surround allows for a long, controlled excursion.

Our Longevity is Your Advantage

Established in 2002 as Audioque (AQ), we have nearly 20 years of innovation behind our products. We focus on getting high-quality products into the hands of DIY audio enthusiasts at affordable prices. Our team members provide the education and service after the purchase to help you shape your car audio experience with confidence.

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